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Born in the back of a Southern Appalachian coffee shop in 2007, we're a security and privacy R&D shop now based in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a current focus on applied cryptography, social engineering, open-source intelligence, and operational security.

We're doing what we do to build a better platform for the digital stewards and policy builders of today, and tomorrow.

An interactive tradecraft simulator of espionage and sabotage, integrating applied cryptography, operational security, social engineering, misinformation campaigns, and intelligence gathering. Coming in 2020.

Aesthetics of Cryptography
[Dec. 2019]

The aesthetics of cryptography explores the design of cryptographic primitives as a subset of product design, where design is driven by a tactile, visual approach. This allows core cryptographic concepts (e.g., S-boxes, key schedules) to be preserved in a way that is more approachable from an instructional standpoint, making it easier to bridge the gap between classical and modern cryptography in a learning and development environment.
Prior Foundational Work:

Virtual doors opening Spring 2020.

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