is a
small batch
R & D gazette
on the aesthetics
of modern cryptography

o p e n   s e s a m e

From ideas brewed in the corner nook of an Appalachian coffee shop, hull&trail is a thrice-monthly audiovisual field guide that explores the composite of cryptography + user experience, or crux, examining algorithmic function through aesthetic form, to appreciate cryptography as a fishplate for bonding privacy with persons in a sociotechnical landscape.

Always published on the 8s (8th, 18th, and 28th), hull&trail provides a concise bento box of original and curated research about cryptographic design, fireside conversations, immersive storytelling, and interactive tradecraft simulations, through the lenses of communication theory, industrial design, privacy engineering, and intelligence gathering.

As an inaugural drop, we're introducing, a new bantamweight block cipher built for universal learnability. espressionage: This design was crafted over phin-brewed Truegrit peaberry robusta from the woman-owned, NYC-based Nguyen Coffee Supply while streaming the aural blisswave that is the musical catalog of Seattle-based artist and producer Hello Meteor.

Pre-issue drops will happen between now and the first issue in May.

coffee cup antenna