Born in the Blue Ridge; operating out of the Tassajara Ridge; and launched on the Tobacco Road.

springmaus is a cryptographic design school that explores the tradecraft of adversarial movement; through the design language cannon, we look at the art of unpredictability as a common denominator between the school’s namesake block cipher and other domains for which the element of strategic surprise is a boon, from the crossover sequence in basketball, to the escape trajectory of a jerboa, to the composition of a jazzy bassline.

We're currently building midrange, a soundtrack-enhanced, narrative-driven simulator for rendering springmaus in an interactive, cooperative classroom environment; midrange will be featured in the 2024 course, "The Adversarial Game of Cryptographic Design," (piloted at Duke University in 2023). It's accompanied by a dedicated textbook on block cipher design, "The Cipher Clerk's Field Guide to Random Mappings." Our shop opens in '24.

If you're interested in studying, collaborating, or just want to say hello@springma.us, we're open!