Born in the Blue Ridge; operating out of the Tassajara Ridge; and launched on the Tobacco Road.

springmaus is a lot of things; it's what we call our design school and its namesake design language for field ciphers. We explore the tradecraft of adversarial movement through the art of unpredictability as a common denominator between cryptographic algorithms and other domains for which the element of strategic surprise is a boon, from the crossover sequence in basketball, to the escape trajectory of a jerboa, to the composition of a jazzy bassline.

We'll be back at Duke University this summer to teach our course, "The Adversarial Game of Cryptographic Design," and to launch both v1 of springmaus and a dedicated booklet on block cipher design, "The Cipher Clerk's Field Guide to Random Mappings." If you're interested in studying, collaborating, or just want to say hello@springma.us, we're open!